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About Us

Our primary goal of customer satisfaction is achieved by producing ultra precise, high quality cutting tools in the most cost effective manner possible. Price and quality are important indeed; however, they would both mean very little if your tools where not delivered when you need them. This is why Winters Carbide Tools offers lead times unmatched by many in the industry on both custom and standard cutting tools.

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Specialty Tools

Our specialty is your cutting needs.  If you have a special part or project which needs out of the norm designs, something unusual - call us.  That is precisely where we excel as a company.  Our quality design and craftmanship has consistently served a clientele with enormously varied necessities and unique problem solving.  This is our trademark for all our cutting tools.  

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Quality Tools

Precision accuracy is an industrial “must”. All of our carbide cutting tools are ground exactly to your specifications. We take pride in the performance of our carbide cutting tools. Our reputation as a provider of optimal carbide cutting tools was built on our ability to meet and exceed the expectations of both client and industry standards.


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