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Specialty Tools

Sharpening and special design are offered through our parent company, T.J. Grinding Inc.

Our specialty is your cutting needs.  If you have a special part or project which needs out of the norm designs, something unusual - call us.  That is precisely where we excel as a company.  Our quality design and craftmanship has consistently served a clientele with enormously varied necessities and unique problem solving.  This is our trademark for all our cutting tools.  Here is a short list of the things we an do for you.


Form Tools Step Tools
Tapers Tapered Shanks
Back Tapers Reamers
Female Radius Chamfer Tools
Special Diameters                          Special L.O.C.
Special O.A.L. Coolant Fed Drills
Step Drills Your "Special Cutting Needs"


Join the thousands of T.J. Grinding, Inc. client companies who experience this level of quality and precision, and of course, great service, every day.  Our special cutting tools are a vital part of that ongoing excellence in quality and craftmanship.