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Policies and Procedures of T.J. Grinding, Inc.

Last change to this agreement posted: September 1, 2006.

Definitions: Welcome to our Web site (herein “site”). By using this site, user (herein “user” references any visitor who comes to the site and/or uses any of its services, or receives any emails, newsletters, reports, downloads, or other information cited on it or used directly with it) by using the site or services on it, is agreeing to act in accordance with -and be bound by - the following terms of use. Please read the following terms of this agreement (herein “agreement”) carefully. If user cannot agree to the terms of this agreement, user should not use any of the services (if any) or the site itself. The terms “TJ Grinding”, “T.J. Grinding, Inc.”, “us”, “we”, or “our” refers to T.J. Grinding, Inc., the legal name of the owner of this site. “Customer” references any user or other party who places a purchase order with T.J. Grinding, Inc.

Agreement and amendments:
User agrees to the terms and conditions outlined in this agreement concerning this particular site. This agreement constitutes the entire and only agreement between us and user. This agreement supersedes any previous or existing agreements, warranties, representations, and understandings with respect to the text/content, offers, products, and/or services provided by or through our site, which constitutes the subject matter of our agreement with user.

At any time, without notice to user and at our discretion, this agreement may be amended by us. The date of the latest agreement will be posted at the top of the agreement and user is responsible to read and familiarize himself/herself with the terms of this agreement, before using the site.

Copyright issues:
All content, graphics, design, digital or electronic matters related to the use or organization of this site are protected under applicable copyrights, trademarks and other proprietary rights (including but not limited to intellectual property). No copying or redistribution, use or publication by user of any site material or content is strictly prohibited, unless permission is granted from us in writing. User does not gain ownership rights to any content, documents (including emails, ezines, reports, downloads) or materials viewed on the site. The site does contain content which is the copyrighted material of one or more third parties.

Printing Errors, Site Errors and Clerical Errors:
We are not responsible for printers' errors in any documents, site or site materials you may find. User agrees that we are not responsible for any clerical errors. Any such errors are to be understood as being subject to correction as soon as we find them.

Scheduled Shipments:
All scheduled shipments must be confirmed (Customer knows that we have their purchase order in writing) with a written purchase order. This also includes delivery information unless approved beforehand otherwise by us. All changes of whatsoever nature must be agreed upon by customer and us, and must be done in writing unless otherwise agreed upon by us. Scheduled shipments which are confirmed with us are deemed to be non-cancelable and non-returnable (Customer is paying for shipping charges both ways).

Any specially manufactured item is not cancelable. Any cancellations for orders for standard stock items must be called in to us first. Such cancellations are subject to our inspection. If such items have shown use, then items will be charged as agreed upon in original pricing. Any other items cancelled are to be authorized by us. They shall be in writing unless otherwise agreed upon by us. They are subject to a 20% restocking fee.

Shortage or Other Shipment Error Claims:
All claims concerning any alleged or actual shortage or a shipment error must be made with us within 10 days after receipt of shipment. Shipper number, stock number and invoice number must all be cited in all correspondence or contact with us pertaining to the item(s) in question. Our liability is limited to the material value of the item(s) in question as listed on the invoice or to its replacement at our discretion.

Damaged or Lost Merchandise:
If a claim is made for damaged or lost merchandise, user must contact us in writing or call us for instructions on how to handle the claim. Shipments are generally made through UPS or FedEx. A return authorization must be issued by us before customer returns any damaged merchandise.

UPS Ground
All shipments are sent out UPS Ground, unless we specify otherwise.

Our Technical and/or Engineering Assistance:
Any suggestions made by our personnel toward the selection of merchandise, treatments, or other “applications” for your projects, designs or parts are offered only as assistance for the customer. In any case whatsoever, the decision concerning the purpose of or fitness for any project or part a customer may have, must solely be the responsibility of the customer.

Minimum Order:

Open Accounts:
We may extend credit to a customer or distributor who has a good published rating. A company may apply for an open account. To do so, said company must request a credit application form from us and return it for processing. Until or unless credit is approved, all orders are cash or COD.

  1. Terms: Normally, the terms of payment on open account are 1% in 10 days, Net 30 add minimum invoice charge $25. All orders are payable in United States currency only.
  2. Billing: All merchandise shipped on open account is billed immediately to customer and/or distributor who thereby agree to pay us directly from our invoice.
  3. Past Due Accounts: Net accounts are regarded as past due at the end of the month immediately following the month of shipment. Any past due account is subjected to a 1½ % per month service charge. We reserve the right to hold any current and/or future shipments so as to require such first be paid on a COD and/or cash basis before delivery of order can be made. For any customer or distributor who is found to be any of the following, arrangements with us must be made first before further shipments will be made to said customer or distributor:
  • slow in making payment,

  • taking unauthorized discounts,

  • exceeding their established credit limit, or

  • if customer / distributor's financial and/or operating status significantly changes.

Any open account customers or distributors who are behind on payments more than 30 days are hereby deemed as “slow paying”.

Returned Checks:
A $25.00 charge on every customer or distributor check will be applied for checks returned by our bank unpaid. Each occurrence will be so charged.

Collection Fees:
Customer or distributor agrees to reimburse any collection and/or attorney fees incurred by us while attempting to collect for any payment on any outstanding obligation owed us by customer or distributor

Shipping Terms for all Merchandise:
All shipments are FOB T.J. Grinding, Inc. , Waukesha, Wisconsin, unless otherwise specified.

COD Merchandise Orders:
All shipping charges and COD charges shall be added to the invoice. Cancellation or rejection of COD orders after shipping shill be subject to “future orders prepayment” and are to be arranged with us before shipment can go forward.

Telephone Merchandise Ordering:
All telephone orders are accepted at purchaser’s risk. Shipments are then sent before receipt of confirmation takes place. Such are understood to be done for the special convenience of the customer - distributor.

Special Order Merchandise:
”Made to order” items (“Specials”) are items which are marked as "specials" or are understood to be items not normally or regularly stocked by us, are considered special orders. These specials are accepted only from open account customer or distributors with confirmation form us for the order and/or on a prepaid basis. “Specials” items are subject to minimum order quantities and also special handling charges. These will have an allowable over-run/under-run of 5%. All special orders are non-cancelable and non-returnable.

Returned Merchandise:
Any discrepancies in shipments received by customer must be reported to us immediately in writing or by calling us. Unless and until we have been notified in writing or by your phone call concerning such a discrepancy, no merchandise can be returned to us and none will be accepted by us. With every return there must be an assigned (by us) return number. Any such merchandise returned to us must be accompanied by a copy of our invoice showing our return authorization number, unless otherwise agreed upon.

In no event may any merchandise be returned to us that is now defective or has been misused, or mistreated, even if caused by a carrier or other party. All returned merchandise that is incomplete or in some way in non-saleable condition shall not be accepted by us. All returned merchandise shall be subject to a reasonable handling and restocking charge and with receipt of returned merchandise, we shall credit customer’s account for the full amount less all applicable charges as set forth in this Policy, according to the terms as set forth in this section (#17 “Returned Merchandise”). We will not receive returned merchandise after 30 days from receipt of merchandise.

All litigation pertaining to our products, shipping, collections or claims shall be pursued in the Waukesha County Court system.