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Privacy Policy

TJ Grinding, Inc. Online Privacy Policy

Last updated August 16, 2006
Purpose of This Online Privacy Policy
The purpose of this Privacy Policy (hereinafter “Policy” or “Privacy Policy” or “Agreement”) statement is to establish the grounds upon which “you” / “customer” / “visitor” (any of these may suffice to identify visitor to the website) may understand the nature of the Agreement entered into with TJ Grinding, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “COMPANY” or the “Company”). COMPANY presents this Privacy Policy in order to set forth its procedures for the management, protection, and use of the personal information that it collects online from the customer of this site. A customer is assumed to be 1) anyone 18 years of age or over and 2) anyone who uses this or any site of the Company for any one or more of the following reasons:

  1. Purchase of products offered on website for direct ecommerce purchasing online, if any.
  2. Purchase of services offered on website for direct ecommerce purchasing online, if any.
  3. Receipt of freely accessed information and/or services on the website.

If customer or visitor is less than 18 years of age, access to any product or services for purchase is denied. COMPANY has implemented this Privacy Policy so as to protect the personal information provided by its customers. In addition, COMPANY may need to respond to the inquiries of its customers from time to time and this Policy references the reasons, means, and occasions for such Company response or refusal thereto.


Your Agreement to the Collection, Use and Disclosure of Online Information
Your use of this site and/or your registration for COMPANY products and services constitute your agreement to the terms of this Privacy Policy. If you do not agree to the terms of this Privacy Policy, then COMPANY understands that you will not use the COMPANY site. From time to time COMPANY may update this Privacy Policy. When it does, COMPANY will also revise its “last update” date at the top of this Privacy Policy page. Any customer may, at their own discretion and at any time, withdraw his or her consent for the collection, dissemination, disclosure and use of their private information by sending an email to that effect to the Company. If such consent is so withdrawn, COMPANY may, at its own discretion suspend its provision of products and services to the customer without further notice. This includes ezine and newsletter subscriptions or any other product or  service offered, whether such is a free or paid service. If the customer does unsubscribe to a service and still falls within the period of a guarantee offered with some product or service of COMPANY already purchased or in free use, then the guarantee will be honored nonetheless, for the period stated, unless specified otherwise by the Company. However, all subscriptions to newsletters or ezines in or by whatever offer made by the Company, may be suspended or cancelled without notice as the Company may, at its sole discretion, decide.

COMPANY has selected a person as its Privacy Compliance Officer who is responsible for ensuring compliance with the principles herein set forth. COMPANY also may elect other individuals to act on behalf of COMPANY with respect to the matters pertaining to this Policy or in place of the Privacy Compliance Officer. You may contact the Privacy Compliance Officer concerning matters relating to this agreement by email or by “snail” mail at W241 S3970 Rockwood Circle, Waukesha, Wisconsin, 53189.

The Privacy Compliance Officer will endeavor to answer such contacts when possible or advisable. Nonetheless, the Company reserves the right to refuse an answer to a request but will, comply with the request in the removal of said party from further subscriptions.

Security for Your Personal Information
COMPANY will use such reasonable means as are necessary to protect your personal information. This Policy also provides that COMPANY will use necessary and reasonable means to protect your personal information when processed by third parties on behalf of COMPANY and at its request on its site.

The Purposes for Collecting Your Personal Information
At the time that you register and sign-on to this website, COMPANY, at its discretion, may collect personal information such as your name, address, phone number(s), email address, and information about your computer hardware and software, such as IP address, operating system, browser type, domain name, URL, time of access and the website referring addresses. COMPANY collects and uses personal information in accordance with standard marketing guidelines. Such practices fall within the scope of the Federal Trade Commission’s regulatory procedures for online commercial activity. Such purposes include the following:

  1. To facilitate understanding of the needs and desires of our customers concerning our products, any services, this website and COMPANY as a company.
  2. To facilitate understanding of the needs and desires of our customers concerning any advertising and marketing already undertaken or desirable for future consideration.
  3. To fulfill our customer’s request for access to this website and any of its affiliate links, advertising, promotions, ezine and/or newsletter(s), information, and benefits according to the procedures and policies of COMPANY.
  4. To make available for purchase the products and services offered at the time of customer visitation.
  5. To allow customers access to limited-entry areas within the COMPANY website or other sites elsewhere associated with its offers in accordance with any agreements between COMPANY and the customer.
  6. To properly charge customer accounts and maintain payment records and reports for all customer purchases.
  7. To deliver advertisements, offers, and promotions to our customers from COMPANY and third parties.
  8. To communicate with customers and website visitors when necessary.
  9. To inform customers of upgrades products and services from COMPANY, its affiliates, and third parties.
  10. To cooperate with governing authorities in compliance with all applicable laws, regulations, legal proceedings, and requests by government authorities and agencies.
  11. To communicate with customers concerning technical problems involving COMPANY’S products, services, ezines, newsletters and its website(s).
  12. To protect the rights, reliability, security and integrity of the COMPANY’S:
    • products,
    • services,
    • website(s),
    • ezine(s),
    • newsletter(s),
    • copyrights
    • information
    • and any COMPANY procedure, function, or asset.
  13. To address any reasonable belief that a customer may be in violation of the rights of any third party or any policies, agreements, this Policy, website(s), product use, or services as offered, owned, copyrighted, or licensed by COMPANY or otherwise protected by law.
  14. To respond, when appropriate, to claims made by customers.
  15. If COMPANY is purchased by any outside party (As of this date there is no such offer pending nor any expected). Such information may pass on to the purchaser for use but not in contravention of any contractual obligation entered into with you or your company when and if specified in any previous or subsequent contract entered into with TJ Grinding, Inc.
  16. For use in business analysis, marketing and promotional purposes in a summative or collective form (when not individually attributable to a person’s identity).
  17. If COMPANY hires or works with other companies in order to provide products and services on our behalf then we provide only such information as is necessary for such contractual arrangements and identifiable purposes while restricting the disclosure of any personal information not necessary for their ongoing work on behalf of COMPANY. For  example, a webmaster may have access to information provided by the customer without being able to use said information for his/her own independent profit.

Disclosure of Personal Information
COMPANY does not rent, sell, or disclose to other persons or entities any personal information gathered from our customers, except in the following instances:

  1. in response to the demands of law and legal process as ordered and undertaken by governing authorities.
  2. if, in the reasonable belief of COMPANY, the Company believes that legal action is necessary in regards to someone or entity that may be causing injury or interference in any of the following categories:
    • COMPANY’S rights or property,
    • other users of the COMPANY website(s),
    • COMPANY’S employees activities, if any (as governed by applicable laws)
    • COMPANY’S products,
    • COMPANY’S services,
    • COMPANY’S licenses,
    • COMPANY’S agreements,
    • COMPANY’S policies,
    • COMPANY’S or its affiliate’s promotions,
    • COMPANY’S emails or email advertising,
    • COMPANY’S advertisements
    • COMPANY’S reputation
    • COMPANY’S service providers
    • or anyone else whom COMPANY believes may be incurring harm as a result of illegal activities related to COMPANY website, services or products, logos, trademarks, legal or contractual relationships.
  3. if a party is designated by the customer to act as an agent on the customer’s behalf.
  4. if a party or entity is acting to fulfill service and/or product requests on behalf of COMPANY.
  5. if, pursuant to one of the identified purposes listed above (Sections 2-4), a party or entity is one of the following: professional business associates, COMPANY employees if any, affiliates, consultants, service providers, suppliers, agents, independent contractors, subsidiaries that are acting at the request of -and on behalf of – COMPANY.
  6. If, in the process of developing the business of COMPANY, we or our affiliates purchase or sell businesses or entities, merge with other companies, or acquire or discharge assets, then personal information may be one of the transferred business assets, unless otherwise contractually stipulated. In addition, if COMPANY should be acquired or substantially all of its assets are acquired, then customer personal information may be one of such assets transferred to the acquiring company, again, unless otherwise contractually stipulated. Your information may be stored or processed in the United States or in any other country in which COMPANY, its affiliates, subsidiaries, agents, or service providers maintain facilities. By using this website you consent to any such transfer of information outside the boundaries of the United States, its protectorates or your country. However, as of the writing of this Agreement, no such facilities are maintained by the Company. Any information offered by the customer to COMPANY for its use will remain in use until such time as the customer requests removal of said information from its active database.

Inactive Accounts
If the customer should request to be removed from the database of COMPANY then such personal information as is affected by such a request will be honored and will be removed from the active (marketing) database of COMPANY. Such information will be kept in the archives of the Company for tax purposes, accounting procedures, or as necessary to prove COMPANY’S compliance with any applicable law or regulation or agreement of governing authorities, Internet service providers, customer guarantees, or policies binding COMPANY to affiliates and associates, or such processes as are needed for the protection of the Company from accusation or claims made against Company of whatsoever nature.

Accuracy of Personal Information Acquired by COMPANY
Customers are responsible to keep COMPANY apprised of any changes in personal information. This can be done by contacting COMPANY by phone at 1262.549.6885 or by contacting the Company by email as indicated on the site they have contacted in the first place. COMPANY will endeavor to promptly update all information received by its customers. Customers may also request that inaccurate information be corrected, as appropriate. Customers requesting reasonable review of personal information in their own files may request such information in writing at COMPANY address listed earlier in this Agreement. COMPANY is not liable for any incorrect information supplied by the customer. Customer holds COMPANY harmless from all actions, effects, and results involving inaccurate or misrepresented information, either willful or innocent, and accepts all responsibility and liability associated with the giving of incorrect or misrepresented personal information.

Children’s Use of Sites Maintained by Company
All users of the site hereby declare that they are at least 18 years of age or older. Any credit transaction or signing on to Free services or products offered by the company must be undertaken by such individuals who are 18 years of age or older and are authorized users of the credit card they are using with our products or services. The Company reserves the right to deny, cancel or otherwise challenge or rescind offers of services or products to anyone deemed to be an unauthorized user of the site or credit card in question. The Company may do so at its sole discretion and without liability to the Company until proof of compliance is offered to Company at its address in writing. Such compliance must show such issues as are requested by the Company to corroborate information desired and may include but is not limited to the following guidelines:

  • The transaction involving a product and service as is requested by a minor must be known to be agreeable to parent or guardian and…
  • Such parent or guardian must demonstrate agreement with such transaction with his or her signature and a note to that effect, or…
  • The legitimacy of credit card user must be proved if challenged by Company, or…
  • The knowledge and acceptability of product/services [including Free offers and Bonuses] offered by Company to all those concerned is fully established by Company to its own satisfaction, or…
  • Any information deemed necessary by the Company for the purpose of establishing the legitimacy of any site user’s compliance or receipt of Company product or services must satisfy COMPANY’S requests for such information…

Further, if a request is made to the Company or any order, letter or note is made by a person under the age of 18 for products or services from this site or to the Company, by fax, email, “snail mail” or any other means, such order must be made with the permission of a parent or guardian of the minor in question and a written note by the parent or guardian of the minor in question must accompany such order or request. Said parent or guardian must testify that he or she is authorized in every respect legally to undertake or permit the transaction of the minor in question. Any issues involving a conflict of parental authority of divorced parents will be borne solely by the parent or guardian who has undertaken to grant permission for the activity of a minor. Company cannot be held responsible for having to know who does or who does not have proper custodial rights over the activities of any minor in a child custody conflict or issue.

This agreement constitutes the only agreement between the customer and Company.
Customer agrees that this agreement is the sole agreement between the company and the customer and that no other agreements are authorized by nor honored by the Company by any other persons or entities whatsoever in the representation or distribution of its services or products to the customer.