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Quality and Inspection: Our Promise to You


  1. Precision accuracy is an industrial “must”. All of our carbide cutting tools are ground exactly to your specifications. We take pride in the performance of our carbide cutting tools. Our reputation as a provider of optimal carbide cutting tools was built on our ability to meet and exceed the expectations of both client and industry standards. We promise you, our client, that we will provide you with the very best of what we do best:

    • carbide cutting tools creation (whether they are Standard to the industry or Specialized for your specific needs),

    • carbide cutting tool sharpening/regrinding processes,

    • carbide tool coatings,

    • carbide cutting tool inspection/certification requirements,

    • lead time

    • and, of course, our friendly and capable customer service.

  2. Quality inspection: all carbide tool material is inspected upon arrival to ensure correct tolerance specifications. Standard cutters are all CNC manufactured, checked with SPC Software. Once completed, our carbide tools are then inspected using Optical Comparators, RAM Optics, and a Laser Micrometer. Additional measures are taken to meet certification requirements for companies requiring it, such as the Medical Industry. Additional processes, such as carbide tool coatings, are documented in the same manner.

  3. Material spec sheets and TJ Grinding, Inc. inspection Sheets are provided for submission if required. Any additional process, such as carbide tool coatings, are documented in the same way.

  4. If we can ever be of assistance to you or your staff, give us call or drop us a note. We will be happy to help in manner we can. Our door is always open to you for assistance in any design or manufacturing problem or carbide tool need you may have.